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In this section, you can manage the workspaces with which you are associated and control your roles in them.

1. Display workspaces and roles:

Workspace list: you will see a list of all workspaces with which you are associated. Assigned role: next to each workspace, you will find the role you have been assigned, such as admin, co-worker or external.

2. Manage workspaces (admin only):

  • Activate/deactivate workspace: if you are an admin of a workspace, you have the option of activating or deactivating the entire workspace. By deactivating a workspace, you restrict access to all team members, temporarily making the workspace inaccessible to users.
  • Abandon workspace: if you are an administrator, you also have the option of abandoning a workspace. However, be careful, as you will lose access to that workspace.

3. Add a new workspace:

  • Click on 'Add Workspace': you will find a dedicated button for adding a new workspace.
  • Enter the invitation code: the owner of the workspace you wish to join will provide you with a unique invitation code. Enter it in the appropriate field.
  • Confirm and join: once you have entered the invitation code, confirm and you will officially be part of the new workspace.

Now you are ready to manage your workspaces efficiently through EveryLog! Remember that workspace management actions should be done carefully to ensure security and continuity of collaboration within the team.