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Send Notifications

In this section, you can create and send notifications to your projects, external channels and team members in an easy and customised way. Here's how to do it:

1. Channel selection:

  • Choose a channel: from the list of channels of interest, select the project to which you want to send the notification. Remember, channels are the projects you have created or are members of in the 'Channels' section.

2. Fill in the notification details:

  • Title: enter a clear and descriptive title for your notification.
  • Summary (optional): add a short summary to provide quick context for the notification.
  • Message: write the message of the notification. You can use either plain text or HTML code. This allows you to format the text, insert links, images and other visual elements.
  • Tags: add tags to categorise the notification and facilitate search and organisation.
  • Additional settings: you can configure extra settings such as inserting links, icons and activating the notification as a push.

3. Channel Management:

  • Add/remove channels: you can add or remove channels to which to send the notification. This allows you to address the notification to specific projects.

4. Selection of recipients:

  • Groups: you can send the notification to specific groups of team members.
  • External channels: send the notification to external channels such as Discord, Slack, Telegram or via email.
  • Specific users: select specific users to receive the notification.
  • Roles: send the notification to users in specific roles in your workspace, such as admins or collaborators.

5. Send a notification:

  • Click 'Send Notification': once you have filled in all the details and selected the recipients, click 'Send Notification'. Your notification will be immediately sent to all selected persons and channels.

You are now ready to send personalised and relevant notifications through EveryLog! Be sure to use the targeting options carefully to ensure that your communication is effective and well-targeted.