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In this section, you can manage invitations in a simple and detailed manner. Here is what you can do:

1. Overview of invitations made

  • View invitations: you will see a detailed list of invitations made, including the invitee's name, email address, date of creation and date the invitation was sent, as well as the token associated with the invitation.
  • Delete invitations: you have the option of deleting pending or not yet accepted invitations. This allows you to manage the flow of users in your workspace.

2. Create a new invitation

  • Enter email: enter the email address of your new member.
  • Choose role: select the role that best suits the user's responsibilities. This defines the permissions and functionalities to which he or she will have access.
  • Send invitation: Once you have entered the email and selected the role, send the invitation. The user will receive an email with a link to access the workspace.

Remember that invitations are an easy and secure way to add new members to your workspace. Keep track of the invitations made and manage them according to your needs.