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In this section, you can manage the groups in your workspace easily and intuitively. Here is what you can do:

1. Overview of groups:

View groups: you will see a detailed list of all groups in your workspace, including the group name and associated code. Edit group name: you have the option of editing the name of a group to keep it up-to-date and representative. Delete groups: you can delete groups that are no longer needed, helping to maintain the organisation of your workspace. Copy invitation link: to facilitate access to the group, you can copy the group-specific invitation link and share it with interested members.

2. Create a new group:

Enter the group name: assign a name to your new group for easy identification. Enter the group code: create a unique code for the group that will serve as a unique identifier. Create the group: once you have entered the group name and code, create the group. It is now ready for use and you can start adding members.

3. Edit an existing group

Select group: click on the group you wish to edit from the overview. Edit Name: change the name of the group if necessary to better reflect its purpose. Delete Group: if the group is no longer needed, you may delete it. Confirm the deletion when prompted.

Remember that groups are a great resource for organising the members of your workspace into specific categories, facilitating collaboration and communication within the team.