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External Channels

In this section, you can also integrate and manage the receipt of notifications via external channels such as Discord, Slack, Telegram, email and webhooks. Here is what you can do in detail:

1. View, update and delete external channels:

  • View external channels: you will see a complete list of external channels already set up, including the channel name and type of integration (Discord, Slack, Telegram, email, webhooks).
  • Update external channels: you can change the settings of existing channels, such as email address or webhook URL.
  • Delete external channels: if an external channel is no longer needed, you can delete it to stop receiving notifications.

2. Add new external channels:

  • Click on 'Add': you will find a dedicated button to start the process of adding a new external channel.
  • Fill in the details: enter the channel name, its code and select the channel type (Discord, Slack, Telegram, email or webhooks).
  • Save settings: once you have entered all the required information, save the settings. Now the external channel is integrated with your workspace and will receive the necessary notifications.

Remember that integration with external channels allows you to receive notifications in real time via your preferred platforms, helping you to maintain efficient and timely communication.