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Welcome to EveryLog! The Dashboard is the control center for managing your account and activities. Here is a detailed guide to what you can do:

1. Subscription and Billing Overview

Subscription Overview: view the current status of your subscription, including plan details. Billing Section (owner only): access this section to manage payment details, invoices and plan updates.

2. API Settings

API Token: Your API token for secure access to EveryLog services. Notification URL: the URL to which notifications are sent. Invitation Link: the invitation link to add users or collaborators to your account.

3. Notifications

Latest Notifications: View the most recent notifications received by your account. Flagged Notifications: Quickly access the most recent notifications you have marked as important or to be handled.

4. Main Menu

  • Channels: manage your communication channels. If you are the owner, you can change the settings; otherwise, you may only view them.
  • Users: add, edit or remove users from your account. Permissions depend on the role assigned.
  • Invitations: check pending and accepted invitations to your workspace.
  • Groups: create and manage user groups to organise communication.
  • External Channels: connect external channels or integrations for more efficient communication.
  • Metrics: view statistics and metrics to evaluate the performance of your channels and notifications.
  • Workspace: view active workspaces, your role, activate or deactivate a workspace.
  • Send Notifications: send new notifications to your channels and users. Make sure you have the necessary authorizations.

Remember that your authorizations determine your access to the various sections. If you are not the owner of a channel, some sections may only be viewable and not editable.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our support team.