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In the channel section, you can create, edit and delete channels with which to receive notifications. At the moment we offer the following channel integrations: Telegram, Slack, Discord, Email and Webhook.

EveryLog channels list

Create channel

To create a channel click on “Create channel”. Once clicked a window will appear and you’ll have to complete its fields by entering the channel’s name, code and type.

EveryLog create channel

Edit channel

To edit a channel click on 'Edit' and you can change the channel name and type. Depending on the channel type you can also enter different information in the fields of the configuration section.

EveryLog edit channel

Delete channel

To delete a channel, simply click on 'Delete' next to the channel to be removed and then confirm by clicking 'Yes' from the window that appears.

EveryLog delete channel

Telegram, Slack, Discord channels

To set up messaging channels such as Telegram, Slack and Discord, you will have to enter the respective Bot token and Chat ID.

EveryLog telegram, slack, discord channel

Email - SMTP channels

To configure the email you will have to enter the sender, recipients, host, port, username, password and encryption.

EveryLog email smtp channel

Webhook channels

In the case of the Weebhook, however, it is sufficient to enter the URL, select a method and the preference for authentication.

EveryLog webhook channel